Flower Pictures

  • February 16, 2016
  • By Stephanie Kirsch

When it comes to occasions like family birthdays. Christmas, Mother's Day and Easter I always try and make the effort to give a card made by the kids. I'm realistic, sometimes it doesn't work out too well, but I like to think that something handmade is worth more than a dodgy card I've picked up from the discount shop.

Obviously, when it comes to Mother's Day I don't have to worry about a card for myself. Hopefully Matt is sorting that out. But I do like to send cards to Nanas and Godmothers (if I remember, or, more aptly, if I remember to actually post them).

It can be tricky to constantly find new ideas which are fun but not too challenging. I often turn to Pinterest but I also like to fall back on ideas gained from working in a nursery and at other times, inspiration comes in the form of the Yellow Moon catalogue delivered to work.

That's what happened with these sweet card cut outs. As soon as I saw them I knew they'd be great for some Mother's Day cards to pop in the post. As I was also picking up some bits for Ollie's birthday party in a couple of weeks I added these to my basket and today we had a fun morning painting them with some water paints.

Ollie had a go but was a bit bemused by it all, whereas Lily dived right in and created some really lovely pictures. She was really sweet and tried to pick colours she knew the recipients would like but then splashed tons of purple on them "because [she] LOVES purple Mummy".

I do wonder sometimes if anyone, even family, would appreciate the mess works of art created by my children. This time however, I'm really pleased with how they turned out.


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