10 things I love about our new home

  • December 07, 2015
  • By Stephanie Kirsch

We've been in our new place for a month now, and slowly, it is beginning to feel more like home. We've spent the last week or so getting it all sorted so that it's nearly ready for Christmas, but I imagine it'll be some time yet until I feel it is 'perfect'. In the meantime, here up the top ten things I love about our new home.

1. The size
Who says size doesn't matter? With the exception of our bedroom, every room in the new house feels bigger than our last house. When it comes to our bedroom, I'm sure it would feel bigger if it wasn't full of crap that we haven't quite got round to sorting yet!

2. The space under the stairs
So often the space under the stairs can be a dead space. Maybe it's used as a cupboard, maybe for storage, maybe, if you're a super-parent, it can be used as a fantastic playhouse like these found on Pinterest.

Or, if you're like me, it can be used as a little home corner - not quite on the same scale as the playhouse but still a lovely space for the toy kitchen and various bits of doll paraphernalia...

3. Cheese on toast
After living without a proper grill for more than two years, it is wonderful to be able to have a fully functioning one again. For me, that means just one thing. Cheese on toast. It's the only way.

4. A separate living room
I'm actually a big fan of open plan living and this is my first home with a living room. I'm loving it because it's the first room in the house to feel *almost* finished and it's a really cosy space. It's also great to have a mantelpiece to hang lovely Christmas decorations from.

5. The loft ladder
It may have been fun to let Matt stand on my shoulders and haul himself up through the loft hatch at the last house, but it is certainly much easier to just use the ladder...

6. A dishwasher
When considering whether or not to move, this was the deciding factor for me. I bloody hate washing up. I'm loving having a little dishwasher to do most of the hard work for me. It also means I'm not nagging at my husband as much so I'm pretty sure he loves it too!

7. Being able to decorate it
I'm full of motivation for styling and organising our new home. We're planning on being here a couple of years, so despite it being a rental, we want to make it our own. So I've already shared my plans for the living room, kitchen and bedroom and am loving putting my plans into action.

8. Location
I had been nervous about moving to an area of town which has a bed reputation but so far that has been totally unfounded. There's a bus stop minutes away, a library, a play park, some convenience stores and a chip shop. It may be a little soon to tell, but it seems alright!

9. Ollie has his own room
Linked with number 7 and not quite needed yet as he's still in with us, but I'm really pleased that Ollie will have his own room. I'm planning on having a slight London theme and am looking forward to night time snuggles in his cosy space before popping him down in his cot.

10. My family
It may sound cheesy. It may be cliched. But truly, the best thing about this house is how I can see my family being happy here.

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