Sharing our weekends

Who doesn't love the weekend? Of course, as a parent there is no lie in, and nights out are a distant memory but so what? Weekends are family time. My husband is home. All day! I can eat cake (not all day obviously, but in the absence of alcohol I wish I could).

I thought I'd share my favourite moments from our weekends together. Sometimes it might be fun days out, trips to the park or cinema, but because my life isn't always that exciting, it might be just the simple moments of a Sunday morning at church followed by a lovely roast dinner.

So, without further ado... I present my three favourite moments from last weekend. Why three? Because today is my daughter's third birthday- hence the abundance of cake in my photos (it's not just because I like cake, promise).

This is my FIRST EVER attempt at taking part in a 'linky'. It's a photography one, because I'm a massive fan of clicking away with my iPhone camera and it is hosted jointly by You Baby Me Mummy and Snowing Indoors.

You Baby Me Mummy

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