Autumn Exploring

I always aim to get out of the house in the mornings. Most days that means meeting with friends at toddler groups or the play cafe in town but today we headed to the park, just the three if us, to make the most of a bright and crisp morning.

On the way down the hill we stopped by the railway bridge to wave at the trains as they passed. Lily loves trains and had a great time counting the carriages. Of course, it took us twice as long to get to the park that way but we got there in the end!

We're really lucky in Wycombe to have The Rye. It's a great open space perfect for running around with two play parks, ducks to feed, squirrels to spot, a lido and an historic water mill. Today we played in both parks and then explored by the mill. I'd never taken much notice of it before but it is a nice secluded spot which I imagine is good for picnics - although I'd be keeping a constant eye on the children around all that water! We visited the ducks and swans and then went conker hunting and leaf collecting before heading back into town for lunch and a bus up the hill...

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