Review - Crolla's Gelateria

It is never too cold for ice cream.

Which is why, on a bright but blustery day last weekend, we headed to town to try out the recently opened 'Crolla's Gelateria' in High Wycombe.

The first Crolla's Gelateria was opened in Glasgow over 120 years ago and proved to be so popular they have been expanding the business ever since.

The store is on Castle Street. Close enough to the high street, market and Eden for a convenient but relaxed treat whilst out shopping. We turned up with our pram laden with bags, two children impatient for the promised treat and two adults desperate to chill out for a bit after a crazy morning.

There was plenty of seating both outside (overlooking the beautiful All Saint's Church) and inside and lots of places to park the pram without it getting in the way. The staff behind the counter were friendly and we were able to have our pick of places to sit, choosing to sit in a booth by the window before checking out the menu.

As well as classic ice cream sundaes, you could adapt and tailor your choice to include the type of cones and wafers, toppings, sauces and sprinkles. If you're feeling more adventurous you can pick your own flavour combinations to be mixed on the coldstone or served as a milkshake. We went for a 'Chocolate Cherry Crunch' shake alongside some soft drinks whilst we decided what else to go for.

I chose a banana and chocolate fudge sauce waffle with an extra scoop of deliciously creamy coconut ice cream. The children, after tasting as many flavours as they could (including an amazing raspberry ripple), both opted for a scoop of 'Blue Moon' with a flake, raspberry sauce and extra marshmallows.

If you're finding it hard to decide, the staff are approachable and helpful, letting you try different ice cream flavours and talking you through all the extra options available.

For Matt, who doesn't have a sweet tooth like the rest of us, they had a selection of breakfast rolls. He decided on a bacon and scrambled egg option, served with brown sauce on the side. He declared that it was perfect, a yummy combination of crispy bacon and well cooked eggs in a fresh soft bread roll.

The food disappeared so quickly I hardly had the time to take decent photographs! It was all freshly prepared and really tasty. There were some amazing ice cream flavours on offer - I wish I'd tried the Turkish Delight flavour, will be heading back to try it another day!

I liked that the prices were reasonable and our bill came in at just under £25 for the four of us to eat, have drinks and try out the luxury milkshake. Competition is hot in Wycombe at the moment with at least two other dessert parlours in the town centre but Crolla's distinguishes themselves from the others with it's brighter decor and range of other meals like jacket potatoes, the breakfast baps and a range of hot drinks and pastries. You can even save money on your breakfast bap and coffee by purchasing a meal deal option.

Unsurprisingly, the children's ice creams were very popular. Lily has been asking to go back already and Ollie has now decided he wants to have an ice cream shop of his very own. After Lily announced that she wanted to be an ice cream lady earlier this year, I'm hoping that in my old age I will be regularly supplied with ice cream as good as the ones we tried at Crolla's!

If I could add anything to the menu it'd be some nice and simple wood fired pizzas. Fresh dough and well-picked Italian ingredients would complement the general feel of the gelateria and provide a more substantial lunch for families looking for something a bit more. Matt thinks I'm weird for suggesting this but in my head somewhere that does great ice cream and a yummy pizza has got to be a winner. Maybe it's just me...

So if you're shopping this weekend and fancy something a bit different, do give Crolla's a go. They don't try too hard to be fancy and modern and instead deliver on really delicious ice cream and a nice range of desserts and drinks in a relaxed and friendly environment for all the family.

It may be frosty out, but like I said, it's never too cold for ice cream!

*I was sent a voucher to spend at Crolla's for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*
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