Junior Park Run - Lily's first time

Lily is four and half years old and yesterday she took part in her first ever Junior Park Run.

She ran (and walked) for 2km and completed the course smiling and waving in about 18 minutes.

I have no idea whether this is a 'good' time or expected of a child her age. All I know is that she could have taken twice as long and I still would have sobbed with pride as she ran down that last section.

Matt reliably informs me that he could hear me cheering Lily on from the other side of the course. Which is great - I'd hate to have been shouting that loudly and Lily not hear me!

Yep. It turns out that I'm one of those mums.

I'm not that sporty. I never have been. I doubt I ever will be. I'd much rather sit down and read a book than get all hot and sweaty in the gym. But that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy sport sometimes and I want to encourage both Lily and Ollie in all sports and activities that they show an interest in.

It's even inspired me to consider running (jogging) along with her. I'd happily do it, my only concern would be holding her back, I can't bear the thought of not being able to drag my fat arse round the course quick enough so it's probably best that Daddy runs with her for now!

I had no idea what to expect from a park run but it seemed pretty well organised and very popular. I'd guess Lily was one of the youngest but she wasn't the littlest toddler taking part and the older kids were amazing. I can't get over how fast some of those 10 year olds were. It was lovely watching all of them cross the line.

For a free activity that goes a little towards encouraging a healthy lifestyle for the children, I can see us going back again. Maybe in time I'll even brave it myself. Who knows?
Jennifer said...

That's amazing! I like to run (slowly and not very far!) and I'd really like to get the children involved, park run seems like a great way to do it. We do have one in our town but it's in a busy area, I need to work out the logistics of going along!

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