Half-Term Home Cinema

Due to the complexities of school-year timetables, if you live in Buckinghamshire then last week was half-term but according to my social media feeds this morning, pretty much everyone else has it this week.

I dreaded facing half-term, the change in routine, the question of how to entertain the children solidly with no toddler groups and everywhere else being packed full of other harassed-looking Mums and their school-age kids.

In reality, it wasn't as bad as I feared. Saying that, with an imagination like mine, nothing is ever quite how I think it will be!

However, I was hit by bloody horrible cramps mid-week and subsequently abandoned plans of taking Lily and Ollie to the local cinema. Instead Matt grabbed some supplies from the corner shop (that is not on a corner, but you know what I mean) and I filled a morning by setting up our very own home cinema.

We made posters.

We made tickets.
We even made popcorn boxes. (It wouldn't be the first time I got carried away, it won't be the last).

In the living room, curtains were drawn and a till was installed by the entrance for guests (including 'Cuddly Cow', 'Floppy Bunny' and 'Dog') to purchase their tickets.

For some reason, Lily donned her Nurse costume to act as the Cinema owner.

Setting up the cinema filled an hour or so and then we settled down to watch the movie.

It didn't take much effort, we used paper, pens and sellotape that we had lying around, there was very little mess to clear up after and so it ended up being one of those activities that far exceeded expectations. By adding in 'real' popcorn and some imaginary play we managed to keep the ideas rolling for most of the day and the kids loved it.

I've got to admit. I loved it too. I got to snuggle on the sofa with my babies and some chocolate and watch a film I haven't seen in years. It was brilliant. If I do say so myself.

So, if you're not feeling too chirpy this morning, try this activity out and ease yourself into half-term slowly!
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