Quick and Easy Greek-inspired Lamb

I often find meal-planning quite stressful. I like cooking and I like shopping so you'd think it'd be easy. But by the time you've added in everyone's likes and dislikes, attempted to cater for a healthy and balanced diet and planned something that can be cooked easily whilst also overseeing homework, play and housework it can become a tough job.

I'm lucky that the children aren't too fussy when it comes to food (I'm the fussiest person in our home, oops). I made the decision early on not to stress to much about it and to regularly introduce the kids to new things. It was great when they were at nursery as they were always trying different things and Matt and I like food from different cuisines and cultures so they don't get too stuck into a menu of chicken nuggets and chips.
In order to make it easier on myself, I find it useful to have a few fail-safe options every week and then I try and mix it up with different flavours every now and then. We'll have a range of beef or lamb dishes, some chicken, fish, vegetarian meals and a small amount of pork or processed meats like sausages or bacon.

Party Planning - Dino Party

It has taken me a couple of days to recover from Ollie's 4th Birthday celebrations. This was his first 'proper' party and I wanted it to be great (obviously).
I started planning for his Dino themed event before Christmas but it was only in January that things really got going. You'd think that this would've left me plenty of time, but I really like to have months of pondering and perfecting a party so doing it all in under 9 weeks was a bit more of a challenge - for my mind and my bank balance!