City Break - Rome Day 1

I did wonder for a while whether I should post about our trip away (you may have seen my pics on Instagram last week), after all, I'm not a 'travel blogger'. In fact, as someone who has only been abroad once in the last 7 years (for my honeymoon) it'd be almost laughable for me to hope to impart much wisdom at all.
However, despite travel not being my particular blogging 'niche', I wanted to share our quick couple's getaway to Rome with you. It was a bit of a parenting challenge: balancing the delight of being 'child-free', the anxiety of travelling, the excitement of discovering somewhere new and missing the children, but it was well worth the effort. Read on for a glimpse into our mini-Roman adventure.

(Or just take a look at the photos, I won't be offended)

Lily's Birthday Trip - Ruislip Park Stables

Instead of big parties for the children's birthdays, this year we decided on 'treat days' instead. Matt and I chose this to save on money and effort but also as a way of gifting Lily and Ollie with memories of fun days out. I didn't want years of birthday parties, no matter how fabulous, to blur into one.

And so we intersperse parties with treat days and over the years have had some great days out at places like Chessington World of Adventures, the Natural History Museum earlier this year and, for Lily's 6th birthday we had a morning with the horses and ponies at Ruislip Park Stables.

Since watching Netflix favourites like Spirit: Riding Free and Free Rein on repeat, Lily has become a huge fan of horses and horse riding. This summer we visited the Dartmoor Pony Centre and Lily's most anticipated part of the day by far was the pony ride.

#ACEforSchool - school adventures without laundry worries

As a kid I loved school. It's something I want for both my children - afterall, children spend an awful lot of time in school and I want them to enjoy it rather than dread it!

Our own school adventures start early in the morning - I avoid the school run getting mundane and miserable by letting the kids have fun as we go. It's only one long road to walk down and I leave plenty of time so that the kids can walk on walls, stop to marvel at the spider webs and their inhabitants, say hello to the cats and play we're going on a bear hunt.

We're usually some of the first to arrive in the playground, Lily and Ollie both off and running whilst I stand in the corner with a few other Mums, often talking about how cold it is or having a bit of a gossip.

Natural History Museum Day Trip

This post has been a long time coming - sorry about that! The day job got in the way and it's only now that I'm able to write most days that I'm realising how much I missed sharing our days out and family life on the blog.

Ollie's birthday is in March and this year our planned treat was originally postponed due to snow. He didn't have to wait too long though and as soon as the white stuff had cleared we headed into London with friends for a dinosaur-filled day at the Natural History Museum.

We live in High Wycombe, about 30 minutes by train from central London. However, when it comes to saving money on family days out, we rarely get the train from the local station (£27.50 for an anytime return with travelcard) and instead opt for driving a little way to Ruislip Gardens where we can park up cheaply (often at the station itself, sometimes in a nearby residential street) and get the tube to our chosen destination for more than half price using an Oyster card (capped at £11.70).

Going it alone

As you may have gathered from my last post, there was a big question mark over my job and I feel that now might be a good time to update you all.

The title of this post is a huge hint.

I'm no longer employed.

The job which I had such high hopes for, which gave me a new boost of confidence, didn't work out.