Lily's Letter to Netflix

After Lily expressed her profound disappointment to her Daddy on Friday that Netflix was no longer showing 'Heidi' he suggested that she send them a message asking for it back.

Since then, Lily has asked a couple of times a day if she could send it.

With this picture.

I didn't expect the 'letter' to consist of much more than a plea for bringing back the cartoon but she had her heart set on it, so, in her own words:

Hello All of You at Netflix

Please can you bring Heidi back?
I know my Daddy says you took it away but I really really like the music. I love singing the song and my Mummy loves it when I dance.
I love Heidi. It is my favourite. I love Clara as well.
I like the goats.
The music makes me smile.
Here is a picture I drew for you. It is Heidi in the mountains. With flowers.
Can you bring it back?
Please don't take it away again.
Love from Lily

From a grown-up point of view. I actually quite like Heidi - the characters are usually kind and sweet (unlike obnoxious pink pigs) and the story lines are easy enough to follow without adding in any rubbish. It's rather nice to watch a programme where the 'heroine' isn't a stick insect with purple hair and an attitude problem.

And Lily is right, I think it's incredibly sweet the way Lily mimics Heidi dancing in the opening sequence - I love how it has captured her imagination.

So please Netflix UK and Ireland. When you're looking at children's programmes to add in February, consider popping Heidi back into the mix. It would definitely make one little girl in High Wycombe very, very happy.

Thanks in advance!

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