Little Firsts

It's exciting times here in the Kirsch household as Ollie finally takes his first (unaided) steps and learns to stand on his own! In the last week we've also had his first haircut, first football match and first donut so it's all go here right now.

It sounds so very cliched. But I can't quite take in how fast he is growing. His character is shining through more and more every day. His mischievousness, his sense of adventure, his desire to make people laugh.

He has also given me my first Ollie-induced heart attacks as he attempts to climb everything. The sofa, Lily's bed, the stairs, the dining room chairs. Everything seems to present a challenge to him that he must try to scale at any opportunity. He lingers by the bottom of the stairs in the hope that you'll forget to close the stairgate behind you, and if you do, then he scampers up with unnatural speed, laughing as he goes.

He enjoys his food and has even braved more exotic tastes, like garden pebbles and a snail... (I got there just in time with the snail and it survived the licking)

Time is flying by so quickly that I worry if I'll miss things, or forget them. A year ago he was still so tiny. Don't get me wrong, I am so excited for him to be walking - I cheer so loudly sometimes he sits down in surprise! Oops! I'm looking forward to his first pair of shoes, when he first runs, plays football, jumps... just everything. But I don't ever want to forget all his other firsts just because they are now so commonplace.

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